MindBody Mastery is the creation of Nicole Fevrier Davis, psychic certified personal trainer, metabolic technician, behavior specialist and Reiki Master.

Mindbody Mastery arose out of Nicole's need to provide better, more comprehensive mind body tools and techniques to achieve physical/mental success in a number of areas.

Nicole has given psychic assessments to hundreds of clients over a 30 year period. In that time, Nicole discovered many layers of being that can affect goals such as weight loss, fitness or peak performance. Nicole investigated things she had seen in her readings and quickly discovered that there were very real scientific based events. Events that can affect metabolism, mood and even the client's soul. Many of these energetic events are never addressed in the weight loss or fitness arenas yet they have significant effect.

Nicole has created cutting edge mind/body protocols to achieve weight loss and fitness success. Many of which are used in her studio in Ridgefield Connecticut where she provides highly customized weightloss, fitness and wellness programs. Nicole wanted to bring these unique and powerful protocols to a larger audience so more people could afford and get a comprehensive customizable wellness plan. The Teachable online course program option was a perfect fit.